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'Facetime a Farmer' Initiative in Action


17 November 2023

Consolidating their knowledge of farming, Year 5 were extremely fortunate to have a zoom meeting with Robin Sibbald, a farmer from Scotland through the ‘Facetime a Farmer’ programme. 

The year group has learnt about keeping food miles low, sustainability and being eco-friendly when getting food from the field to the fork in the classroom, but it was a fantastic opportunity to hear first hand from a dairy farmer. 

Robin was able to give the girls a tour of his farm and answer a range of questions. There were so many to select from but Robin was impressed by: How has the work on the farm changed over the years? What breed are your cattle and have they been chosen for a specific reason –climate / meat / milk? 

Our particular favourite was: Do you have a naughtiest cow? Robin was able to recount a story where a cow had jumped over a fence and escaped briefly! 

This is a super way of extending the girls’ learning whilst fostering links with an expert. 

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