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Geological Wonders


17 November 2023

In an engaging and educational visit to The Lapworth Museum, our Year 6 students immersed themselves in a dynamic workshop focused on volcanoes and earthquakes as part of their geography curriculum. 

During this hands-on experience, they skilfully engineered buildings to withstand a formidable magnitude 7.4 earthquake. Exploring the intricate components of volcanoes, including ash, volcanic bombs, and obsidian, provided students with a comprehensive understanding of these geological wonders.

The excitement continued with a captivating scavenger hunt throughout the museum, where students discovered fossils and minerals, and delved into the microscopic world through the use of microscopes to study microfossils. 

One of the highlights was encountering Rory, the allosaurus, a majestic creature that once roamed our planet. Engaging in thoughtful discussions, students pondered the mysteries surrounding Rory's life and speculated on the circumstances of its demise. 

The visit to The Lapworth Museum proved to be a stimulating and enriching experience, leaving our students with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for the Earth's geological marvels.

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