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Ancient Insights at the Ashmolean Museum

Senior School

17 November 2023

On the Wednesday 15 November, Year 9 had the opportunity to explore the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, with a specific focus on gaining insights into the daily lives of Ancient Romans. 

The session centred on practical engagement with primary evidence, as students examined artefacts related to various aspects of Roman life – from cooking, eating, and drinking to the dynamics of trade across the Roman Empire. The hands-on approach included gallery searches, group discussions, and a chance to handle authentic objects, providing a tangible connection to the ancient world.

As part of the day, students widened their historical lens through a walking tour around Oxford, immersing themselves in the city's rich history. This part of the trip allowed them to appreciate not only the artefacts within the museum but also the living history embedded in the city. They passed landmarks such as the Radcliffe Camera and some Oxford Colleges, learning about the history of the university. A trip into the Covered Market provided an exciting chance to explore a historic part of the city.

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