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Students Survive Annual Sixth Form Sleepover!

17 October 2014

The Sixth Form sleepover began with great anticipation on Thursday as we switched out of our school blazers into our pyjamas/onesies and slippers! We knew that we were in for a good night when 70 boxes of Domino's Pizza were delivered to School. 

After the pizza we got into teams of four for the quiz where our knowledge was put to the test! Questions ranged from "which nail on which finger grows the fastest?'' to "which teacher skydived at the age of 18?".

Next, we got ready to play the traditional and highly anticipated game of hide and seek. Cue ominous, high-pitched screams echoing around school as girls in white masks paraded through the corridors scaring anyone who was unfortunate enough to cross their path.

By 10:15pm, the music started blasting in the Octagon and we all showcased our best dance moves at the Sixth Form Disco. With special thanks to our resident DJs for the night, Ruth, Flo and MC Jones who played every genre of music from pop to punjabi!

After an extremely long and exciting evening, we all settled down to watch '10 Things at Hate About You', starring Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles, which was a nice way to wind down before finally retiring to our sleeping bags.

After waking up on Friday morning (rather reluctantly), we were treated to a tasty and assorted breakfast ranging from a cheese board to croissants! Thank you to Mrs Cartwright and her team for providing this.

The Sixth Form greatly enjoyed the sleepover and it was a great bonding experience for girls in Year 12 and 13. We would like to thank all the staff who stayed to supervise, Mrs Cartwright and her team and of course the leadership team for preparing it all!


Year 13 students

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