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Spiders and Sigmund Freud

05 July 2019

Day 1

On the first day, a group of excited year 12 Psychology students met at New Street Station ready to begin our journey to London. After a quick train journey, we arrived at Euston Station and travelled by the London Underground to Finchley Road Tube Station. We then walked in the sun to the Freud Museum where our educational side of the trip began. 

Initially we went around the museum looking at the unusual artefacts that Freud had collected and displayed around his house. The most interesting room was Freud’s study in which his famous ‘psychiatrist’s couch’ is exhibited. We were then given a talk about Freud’s ideas such as ‘the unconscious’ and Freud’s psychodynamic approach, which was very informative and interesting. We then made our way to Hampstead High Street where we enjoyed Wagamama’s for lunch. 

After dropping our bags at the hotel in Hyde Park, we took the tube to Covent Garden where we ate our dinner, which was a variety of pizza and pasta, at Zizzi. Then as a group we made our way to the Prince Edward Theatre where we watched Aladdin the musical. The dancing and singing was amazing and was a perfect way to end our first day in London.

Francesca Fernando

Day 2

On the second day of the trip we left the hotel and got the tube to London Zoo. We spent the whole day exploring and observing different animal behaviours and attending a phobias workshop. The workshop was extremely interesting and gave us a deeper insight into what a phobia entails, and the many different methods used to treat somebody with a phobia. It was extremely interesting to see how things we have been learning in the classroom are applied and practised in real life. 
We then participated in a brief hypnotherapy session, which is used to cure arachnophobia, followed by the opportunity to hold Rosie the tarantula, which to our surprise we all had a go at doing! After the workshop, we got the chance to explore the zoo and the other fascinating animals they had to offer. We then got the tube to Euston station where we got on the train home after an exciting trip with many psychology-filled activities. 

Katie Dunnaker

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