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Sixth Form Sing at St George's Christmas Tree Lighting Service

04 December 2015

For many years now Edgbaston High School girls have started Christmas musical performances by contributing to the Light up the World  service at St George's Church. At this service the church Christmas tree is illuminated and members of the congregation are given the chance to light a candle in memory of departed loved ones. This year's focus was also given to the work being undertaken by the Children's Society with young people at risk.

Last Tuesday evening a small choir of Sixth Form girls walked up the road to church to sing for this service. They led the congregation in hymns and also sang some carols on their own in which they were sensitively accompanied by Mr Robson. The service finished with Leontovich's joyful  Carol of the Bells after which we all enjoyed mince pies at the back of church. Christmas is nearly here!

Mrs Stocks

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