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Sixth Form head to Houses of Parliament

07 July 2017

On Monday 3 July, Year 12 embarked on an educational yet entertaining trip to the Houses of Parliament. The day started with a 7am meet in the EHS car park, not appreciated by most of the Sixth Formers! However, after the three hour coach journey to London we were more than ready to stretch our legs for the tour and workshop we would be doing for most of the day.

We started off in the robing chamber, learning about the role of the monarch in modern parliament and appreciating the stunning architecture. We then moved onto the House of Lords where we were all very careful not to sit on the benches (for those that don't know, it's a criminal offence!) In this chamber we discussed what the Lords are allowed to vote on and their role in creating bills. We also thought about the future of this house and put forward our opinions on popular petitions including one to make it a ‘House of Heroes’, replacing the current experts with military veterans, which was arguably the least popular idea. We were all in awe of the throne in this House, covered in luxurious gold leaf.

Finally, we proceeded to the House of Commons where we discussed the contrast between this and the robing chamber we had seen previously. It was especially interesting to be standing behind the seats of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn as we discussed the powers of the houses and the structure of the British government.

After our tour of actual parliament, we returned to the education centre where we participated in a workshop on our voting system. As part of this interactive session we were randomly allocated political parties and each group elected a party leader, including myself, Dua Butt and Anoop Sidhu. We used these to represent the benefits of proportional representation and a ‘first past the post’ system as well as scoring points for our party manifesto and presentation skills.

After our politics-filled morning we were all very excited to be going for lunch and piled onto the coach where we headed to Covent Garden. We were given two hours to find something to eat and explore the shops which included finding ice-cream shaped like roses and huge boxes of colourful macaroons!

We were sorry to leave London after this fantastic trip but we satisfied ourselves with a very enthusiastic sing along until we returned to EHS. A huge thank you to Ms Graham, Ms Cardellino, Mr Thomas, Mr Proctor and Mrs Newling for organising and supervising this amazing trip.

Hannah Clutton-Brock, 12T

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