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Sixth Form Attend a Criminology Conference

11 December 2015

On Wednesday 2 December, Sixth Form Sociologists and Psychologists attended a Criminology Conference at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, accompanied by Mr Wiggins. We heard from a range of expert speakers such as Simon Winlow and Dr Lyndsey Harris, covering a number of topics including: What constitutes a crime; Terrorism; the London riots; and how we should deal with criminals. Lastly we had a very exciting talk from ex-offender Andrew, who spoke about his time in prison and how his criminal record has and will continue to affect him in society today. The conference was extremely beneficial for our A2 studies, as we are much more knowledgeable about the factors that can have an effect upon our actions within society. It also gave us a huge insight into the subject of Criminology.

Overall this was a very beneficial, interesting trip and we would like to thank Mr Wiggins for taking the time out to accompany us on this exciting day out. We would also like to congratulate Mr Wiggins on the birth of his twin baby girls; we look forward to meeting them!

Monica Raju, Sunayna Bhatia, Saira Ahmed and Becky Evans.

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