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Sioned shortlisted for Young Poet Laureate

16 September 2016

We are delighted to announce that Year 13 student Sioned Gill has been shortlisted for the title of Birmingham Young Poet Laureate.

Sioned has succeeded in getting through to the last four candidates in this prestigious competition. Members of the judging panel were impressed with the two poems she submitted in support of her application, commenting on the vibrant imagery and her use of pleasing internal rhymes.

Birmingham has had a Young Poet Laureate since 2012. Each year, the successful applicant goes on to inspire thousands of young people through their writing, participating in high profile youth workshops and events.

Sioned has since been commissioned by Dr Weeks to write a poem, ‘Red Dawn', which appears below.

We wish Sioned all the best for the forthcoming final interview and selection process and congratulate her on a truly fantastic achievement.

Mr Wilkin
Head of English

Red Dawn

The ebbing sun rises on up high
Sun rays scatter across the land

My home, the roof tiles rolling down
The sky lit, sparked with a fiery red
As though a battle had been lost and won
Since the setting of the sun, and that year gone

That year, we were younger
The days not etched in your face
Framed in your tired eyes
And crumpled in your palm
Instead we sat, settled
A battle yet to face
The sky echoing a cloud like blue
Coloured in a way only nature could mould
Filled with flecks of darting indigo
Underlaid with steadfast blue
Teardrops and fear perhaps, I do not know
But all lie on the river floor, anchored to old
The smooth surface, tigered with silver and gold
Fish tails and scales, fragile tales
All the good we had known, I think 

Sometimes I imagine us, young and old
Holding the good tightly in our palms
Craved like stone in our hearts
Monuments of those long gone
Framed the immortal dead
on the sunrise, I said

Perhaps we turn away
Shifting from the amber that shines so bright

Scared perhaps, of the days, of the months to come
The raw fear rippling from toe to cheek
Heart pounding in our cavelike ribcage
Footsteps retreating back to the black mist, the comfort of old
But into the light we must go
Not in a biblical sense

But as humans of skin and bones
The light and rebirth is the only way we shall learn
Not to grow old and weary in soul
But to awake our hearts and limbs
With new found vigour, and rejoice for
The new morn, the birds call
Singing a birdsong
Of bitter soft sorrow held in liquid joy
To fade to a new tomorrow
Of what?
A future is all I know
And for that I am glad to scale the red dawn
And all that lies beyond
For one day it shall be christened a new dawn
Or simply the new year
And we are reborn


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