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Senior School Excellence Book - Autumn 2019

13 December 2019

The following Senior and Sixth Form girls have been commended for their excellent work during the Autumn Term:




Kiran Aulakh (9L)

Daisy Bevan (9G)

Aarya Dhami (9L)

Jemima Jackson (9G)

Rosie Nabavi (9G)

Simran Sangha (9L)

Creating detailed models of temples dedicated to Aphrodite or Zeus


Simran Rallmil (SFDR)

Delivering an excellent revision session on Business Economics.



Laiba Salman (10N)


Excellent work on covalent bonding.


Costanza Vecchio (9G)
Elin Payne (9L)
Rithwi Rapolu (9G)Alice Rooney
Simran Sahota (9L)

Eve Willetts (9G)

Eye-catching, colourful and thought provoking Mood-boards.

Abigail Thomas (8C)

For a fantastic patchwork quilt created over 6 months with Grandmother and Grandmother’s friend.  A great example of the older generation and younger generation working and learning together.

Freya McGuire (SFC)
Imogen Pryjmachuk (S

Fantastic research on fashion through the decades and for presenting with passion and confidence to their peer group.

Simran Kaur Sangha (9L)

Well-researched Vogue magazine on sustainable fashion.  Fabulous presentation and thought provoking content.

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