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A very Tudor Christmas

13 December 2019

Year 4 girls thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Selly Manor. They were able to share their knowledge with the guides there, both of whom were impressed by their recall of facts. 

All of the girls discovered how more wealthy Tudors would have lived. They were able to lay the table in the dining room, try out the truckle bed and wear some of the helmets. They learned about the food that would have been eaten and how it was cooked.

There were opportunities to dress up as Tudor men and women and play some typical Tudor games – skittles, five stones, diabolo and many more. The day ended with their Tudor Christmas songs, poems and traditional dances. The staff at Selly Manor say that their Christmas always begins when EHS visits.

Back at school the girls used their knowledge to prepare an assembly to present to their parents. The Lord and Lady of Selly Manor invited the audience to join them at their traditional Tudor Christmas.  We learned about Christmas traditions from the servants at the Manor, we heard carols and enjoyed some Tudor dancing and a mummers’ play about St. George and the Dragon. The Lady described the Christmas lunch she had planned which included sprouts which the Tudors had introduced!

The girls worked well together and shared their vast knowledge in a most entertaining assembly. Well done Year 4!

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