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Pupils smash their '100K in May' target

05 June 2020

During the month of May, pupils and staff have been participating in the ‘100km in May’ House Challenge.  All pupils that took part in the challenge will have earnt vital house points that will contribute towards the House Cup. We have been really impressed by everyone’s efforts and hope that the walking, running and cycling will continue throughout the next few months.  

Just before half term, 1500km had been covered by those taking part.  Pupils were encouraged to continue exercising during half term and inform their house captains of their progress.  House captains have been updating tracking documents for their houses, showing the breakdown per pupil or staff with the distance each individual has covered.  We are amazed at the total distance that has been covered during the month - we have covered 4,791km. This is a phenomenal achievement and everyone that took part should be congratulated, well done! As well as earning house points, pupils were given the target of walking/running 100km, or cycling 200km and they identified their personal objective at the beginning of the month.  

Well done to the following girls who were aiming to complete 200km on their bikes:
•    Karishma Mangal (St Francis, Year 8) - 213km
•    Gracie Roberts (St Patrick, Year 7) - 241km
•    Katya Wrigley (St Francis, Year 10) - 261km
•    Darcy Davis (St Francis, Year 7) - 266km
•    Charlotte Meek (St David, Year 11) - 327km

Well done to the following girls who were aiming to complete 100km either walking or running:
•    Abigail Thomas (St Andrew, Year 8) - 105km
•    Roseanna Diwakar (St Patrick, Year 10) - 102km
•    Milly Mayo (St George, Year 10) - 223km
•    Oakley Winters (St David, Year 10) - 115km
•    Milly Corbett (St Francis, Year 11) - 116km
•    Amelia Crawford (St David, Year 12) - 161km
•    Persia Shoja-Assadi (St George, Year 12) - 139km
•    Harriet Stanaway (St Francis, Year 12) - 102km
•    Martha Howells (St Francis, Year 12) - 151km
•    Aisha Ali (St Andrew, Year 12) – 103km
•    Anya Avasthy (St David, Year 13) – 161km

The following staff also achieved their personal targets of 100km and should be very proud of themselves:
Miss Vann (St George) 141km, Mrs Mooney (St David) 145km, Mrs Parsons (St Andrew) 151km and Mrs Hewison (who is a running machine) clocked up a massive 323km (St David)!

Final house totals will be announced shortly. Well done to all those that took part.

The PE department’s next monthly challenge is ’25 in June’.  The aim is to complete 25 workouts (each lasting a minimum of 30 minutes) during the month of June.  A workout might be the pupil’s P.E. lesson, an online workout, exercising in the garden, or continuing to walk, run and cycle during our daily exercise. We hope lots of pupils (and staff) will take part.  Please remember to share your photos and progress with us!

Mrs Parsons
Head of P.E.

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