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05 June 2020

During the half term, Miss Welsh shaved her head to raise funds for Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity. This is in solidarity with a particularly amazing little girl, Izzy. Izzy is just 5 years old and has recently had her head shaved for the second time as her Leukaemia relapsed.

After a period of repeated illness, Izzy was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) in January 2017. She underwent 29 months of chemotherapy and was able to ring the end of Treatment Bell in May 2019. Sadly, only 11 months after her treatment ended she suffered pains in her hips, which tests identified were caused by her Leukaemia returning. She is now undergoing further courses of intensive chemotherapy at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, to again kill her leukaemia cells. Depending on how the leukaemia responds, she may require a bone marrow transplant.

Miss Welsh is delighted to have raised £2,905, eclipsing her original target of £1,000. 


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