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Pupils learn to stay safe online

14 February 2020

Tuesday marked National Internet Safety Day. Prep marked the occasion with a series of interactive and memorable assemblies. 

Friday saw our staff put together a set of four sketches which demonstrated unsafe internet practice. As a staff we were very pleased with the overwhelming advice the girls gave and how readily they spotted unsafe use. Mrs Hobbs and Mr Flynn explored the ramifications of talking to someone online who may not be who they say they are; Mrs Crompton was quickly advised not to share her details when applying to get a free pink pony off Fakebook; Mrs. Aston and Miss Robinson turned into hackers in a bid to crack a password while Miss Johal and Mrs Roberts demonstrated what not to do when faced with a confusing text message.

Tuesday's assembly focused on the validity of information on the internet and how this can be used to our advantage but should also be something to be aware of.

The girls have all had the opportunity to fill in a 'Safer Internet Pledge'. These will be on display as a year round reminder.

We would like to thank the parents of our Prep girls who  overwhelmingly ensured the girls used internet capable devices in the same room as an adult and had placed restrictions on the girls’ personal devices, whether the girl was in Year 1 or Year 6. 

If you would like more advice on keeping youngsters safe online we thoroughly recommend you follow on Twitter @natonlinesafety for their #WakeUpWednesday bulletins.

Mrs C Eveleigh
Prep School ICT and Science Co-ordinator

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