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Technology in action

14 February 2020

The girls in the Prep School have been making good use of the green screen technology in their lessons to bring a real French flavour to their language presentations.

Year 5 Fashion Extravaganza
Year 5 girls have been planning a French commentary and filming a Fashion Show straight from Paris Fashion Week. They had to describe their partner’s uniform in French, including an extra accessory from home, as part of their clothes module. Many budding young models and divas were on display and a great deal of fun was had by all. The finished spectacle was watched in class this week, to the soundtrack of Madonna’s iconic and fitting tune ‘Vogue’. Move over Givenchy - here come the EHS girls! 

Bon Appetit Year 3
The Year 3 girls have also been busy preparing and filming their French Café conversations. Some flamboyant acting skills were on display as the girls ordered food and drink from the menu and then asked for the bill in French, all from memory. The finished conversations were viewed this week with the unmistakable café music from the TV Show ‘Allo Allo’ providing an atmospheric background sound. One girl even asked when the DVD would be out! Bravo, les filles!

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