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08 December 2023

What a busy week as we have started seasonal celebrations and performances whilst continuing with school work.

We began the week by marking Walt Disney Day, a special one this year as Disney is celebrating its 100th anniversary.  We recognised the set backs that Walt Disney faced during his career and the perseverance and resilience he demonstrated, resulting in a business that has brought joy and happiness to millions across the world.  The girls were also challenged to find out which Disney films are based on books that were written first.

We also enjoyed welcoming sixth formers Simran S, Ruby and Simran D to an assembly this week.  Our Prep Leadership Team of Charlotte, Emily and Jessie interviewed the girls to find out more about life in Senior School.  They shared their favourite trips and activities, the subjects they are studying, memories of joining Year 7 and skills that being in Senior School has helped to develop.  We are looking forward to hearing more next term.

On Wednesday we welcomed more visitors as Year 2 parents joined us to find out about life in Years 3 – 6 before sitting back to enjoy the production of Christmas Around the World with Year 1 parents.  The girls gave an amazing performance and parents left with wide smiles and humming their favourite tunes from the show.  
Year 1 and 2 girls then made a visit to the Theatre at the MAC to see a performance of ‘Starchitects Save Santa’ which was a great treat after their hard work on their own show.  The story was about a group of children who had to save Santa in order to get their Christmas presents. The girls went on the interactive journey with the actors, through space and were all extremely brave when a space monster turned up trying to eat Santa!!
In addition to the performances Year 5 History Club experienced life as an Aztec as they took part in an Aztec Feast.  Their lunch consisted of kidney beans, sweetcorn, tomatoes and other foods grown by the Aztecs washed down with hot chocolate.   Ants, maggots, caterpillars, grubs and hairless dogs were considered delicacies but none of these were on our menu!  

Year 3 have been writing descriptions of dragons using a range of interesting adjectives and they enjoyed portraying these in painting form too.  Year 6 have also been using their artistic skills  in their Winter Art creations which have all enjoyed viewing.

We have ended the week with the Year 4 Tudor Christmas Assembly which we will report on next week.

As we look ahead to next week we have our Carol Service, Christmas lunch, coin trail and Christmas parties to enjoy and reports will be available for parents.  Another busy week ahead which will finish at 12.00 on Friday.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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