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25 September 2015

We began the week offering congratulations to our two teams of Prep runners who took part in the St Martin's Cross Country Relay Competition at the weekend with several Senior School teams. All eight girls ran very well and showed great determination. The Year 5 team was placed in silver medal position and the Year 6 team in bronze. Well done to all.


Our elected School Council representatives were awarded with their badges in our first assembly of the week. They are looking forward to their first formal meeting next week and to representing the views of their classmates.

Other awards presented this week included Music certificates for our guitarists, a reading award and four swimming medals for Audrey Hackett. Audrey had taken part in some qualifying trials which resulted in her being selected for the Junior Performance Squad at Stourbridge Club. We offer our congratulations on this very pleasing achievement and wish her well in future competitions with the squad.

Although the day was quite wet on Monday, it cleared as promised by the evening, allowing the Year 6 Gardening Club to enjoy their first outdoor session of the term. They were busy clearing beds and harvesting the rhubarb which they were then able to take home. Let us hope their cooking skills matched their gardening!



It has been a busy week for school trips as Year 3 girls have visited Lunt Roman Fort and Year 5 visited Land Rover to look at computer technology in business. We are grateful to our parent helpers and will report further on the girls' experiences in Friday Headlines next week.


Nursery girls have been extending their experiences too with their 'red' week. They have studied red apples, made jam tarts and developed their motor skills making large movements in red paint.They have also been learning about the sense of smell. They had to choose which herb smell they preferred when they tried mint and rosemary. The game of 'Whose Nose' then gave them the opportunity to match noses to pictures and further fun followed by trying on different noses and looking in the mirror.


We hope our Year 6 girls will enjoy being guides at our Open Day on Saturday. They are always such good ambassadors for the school. We also look forward to inviting our Year 1 parents to our Open House on Thursday October 1 at drop-off time in the morning.


Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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