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17 February 2017

We have enjoyed welcoming parents into school for a number of different events recently.  Last week ended with two assemblies for parents presented by Year 5. These began with a presentation of fables by 5E. The girls read some of Aesop’s well known tales and used these as inspiration to write stories of their own which each had a different moral. The stories were well-performed with excellent story telling skills, actions and character voices.

Then, on Friday it was the turn of 5F. They had researched and written about a number of ‘Special’ days that are celebrated such as Valentine’s Day, Bonfire Night and Chinese New Year. The girls worked well together in their presentations.

This week we have met with parents for consultation evenings and have been impressed with the guiding skills of some of our younger girls who have been helping to direct parents to the correct classrooms.

This week has also been ‘Kindness Week’.  This was suggested by Ruth and Grace who had read about the idea in the Kidz National Geographic magazine. We had an assembly to launch the week and each day girls have been recording any acts of kindness shown to them.  The range has been very interesting and has included much mention of friendship and of older girls helping younger ones. We hope to continue the Kindness Board which has been a good focus.

Tuesday was a very rosy day as everyone came to school dressed in red. This was not just to mark Valentine’s Day but as a special fundraising day for the half a heart charity 'Little Hearts Matter', which was extremely successful. We wanted to show our support for the charity which has helped a member of our Prep School community and girls and staff came to school dressed in as much red as could be found in wardrobes. After gathering on the playground for a group photograph many of the girls also completed crafts using the theme of hearts. These included cards, mice made from heart shapes and themed headbands. A mini Jammie Dodger biscuit each completed the morning! We are very grateful for all of the support shown. Prep Charity Prefects, Maryam and Anula, are delighted to announce that the Prep School raised £955 on the day. This will be added to the money collected at the Carol Service and by Senior School girls.

Girls from Reception to Year 5 also enjoyed a Birds of Prey workshop as an extension to the Birds project we have carried out, including submitting our research to the National Big Garden Bird Watch.  We welcomed Andy from the Falconry Centre in Hagley who brought some feathered friends with him. We were all fascinated by the facts he shared about his two owls, kestrel, peregrine falcon and Harris hawk. The birds flew from Andy’s gloved hand to the perch whilst we were learning about their flight patterns, feeding and habitats.

Our Year 6 netball teams visited Blue Coat School for friendly netball matches on Wednesday. They returned having won one game and lost one game. We know they are now looking forward to their netball tour to Portsmouth after half term.

This week has ended with a poetry assembly from class 4M. They performed poems that were written about themselves or animals using a very impressive and creative range of similes and metaphors. 

Mrs Scott Dickins also launched our EHS World Book Day event.  The girls are invited to dress as a book character on Friday 3 March. They will then work in groups to create new stories featuring a range of the characters.  Once again, we will listen to the winning entries in our focus on story telling skills.

We will be marking ‘Thinking Day’ on the first day back after half term and girls are invited to return to school on Monday 27 February wearing their Rainbow, Brownie, Guide, Scout or similar uniform.  We know that many girls in Prep enjoy taking part in these activities and would like to celebrate their participation.

I close wishing you all a happy half term break.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School


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