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6 November

06 November 2015

We began our second week back with the announcement of all other posts of responsibility in Year 6.  The girls are now ready to help with a range of activities in their roles as Science monitors, Librarians, Playground Activity Leaders, Book Shop monitors and Newshounds.  We are sure they are going to be extremely helpful.

Further individual awards were presented in our Celebration Assembly.  We congratulated girls on their achievements in swimming, LAMDA, golf, Stagecoach, a talent show and Music examinations.  Year 1 and 2 girls were also pleased to receive their first Well Done certificates of the new term.  We are particularly proud of Sienna Raju who received an award for having donated some of her hair to a charity which makes wigs for children who have cancer.  Congratulations to all girls!

We always enjoy welcoming visitors to school and on Wednesday this week 5E girls were treated to an authentic rendition of the North East folktale of The Lambton Worm. The girls studied the story of how a monstrous worm terrorised a small village and was eventually slain by ‘Young Lambton’. They then changed the character of the main protagonist, thus creating their own versions of the story. These imaginative stories were retold in front of the class with confidence and humour. Our afternoon was topped off when Mr Hewison joined us to perform the poem of The Lambton Worm in its original Geordie form, complete with regional dialect. The girls were fascinated by this memorable and very enjoyable experience.

Other visitors welcomed to Prep this week were our Prep Liaison Team.  Sixth Formers Ellie, Dominique and Monica introduced themselves to the girls and explained that, as Senior pupils, their role is to develop the links between the Prep and Senior sections of the school.  They also have many ideas about activities and events and we are looking forward to hearing about these as the year progresses.

Our new girls are settling in well and enjoying life at EHS, as you can see from the pictures of our Nursery girls who have already experienced a range of activities.  They have been focusing on colours, developing their physical skills and feeding dinosaurs!

During the week we enjoyed meeting new parents at the EHSPA evening and hope they are looking forward to attending other events in the future, including Quiz Night, the annual Bonfire Party and the Masquerade Ball in January.

We have all been watching the activity on the building site in Prep as they have prepared the foundations and we are beginning to feel excited now that the steel structure of the Library extension and new Art room have been erected.

I close wishing our Cross Country Team good luck as they compete in the competition on Saturday.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School


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