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Prep 'Get Together' for Children in Need

22 November 2019

Last Friday, along with the rest of the country, girls in Prep helped to raise money for BBC Children in Need, this year titled ‘Get Together’. We began the day with a burst of exercise when all girls and staff from Years 1 - 6 gathered in Prep and Senior School Hall. We then joined Joe Wicks’ live broadcast to take part in a ten minute warm up. This was a great way to start the day and a great surprise when Pudsey arrived to join us.

Girls, who also came to school dressed in lots of spots, had also ‘got together’ in groups of six to create some large Pudsey Bear collages. They were delighted to find that these patchwork Pudseys had been displayed in Prep Hall. Girls have been busy casting their votes for the winning entry. We hope they will enjoy election fever as the country gets ready for the forthcoming full election.

In Westbourne the girls joined Pudsey to take part in some classroom yoga. They also dressed in spots and enjoyed a range of activities. In the afternoon they visited the Botanical Garden for a Pudsey Ramble in BBC Countryfile style.

We all had lots of fun and enjoyed our activities. Our contribution to the national appeal was £550.

Well done and thank you to you all.

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