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Hats off (or on) for Particle Physics

25 November 2016

Over this term, the Year 12 Physicists have been exploring the 'fascinator-ing' world of Particle Physics. They have learnt 'a-boater' the various types of particles which make up our Universe and the weird and wonderful laws governing their interactions.    

To ensure a high level understanding of the topic, the girls have created an exclusive range of millinery, each decorated with important information about one of the particles they have been studying. They then introduced their hats and particle to the others in the group. The department were 'bowler-ed' over by the effort that the girls put into their creations.

Next term, the girls 'trilby' taking part in a University of Birmingham run workshop. They will get the opportunity to use the real tools and data used by Particle Physicists in a search for their own particle.  Then, to 'cap' off the topic, we will be jetting off to Geneva to visit the Large Hadron Collider in CERN. 

We hope that by studying this topic the girls will be left with a 'fedora-ation' of this exciting and unusual branch of modern 'Fez-ics'.

Mr Sabotig
Head of Physics


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