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Nursery Rhyme Week in Westbourne

19 November 2021

In Nursery we launched World Nursery Rhyme Week with a coffee morning for our parents and a dress up day for the girls.  Parents were able to experience a range of activities with their daughters, linked to the five chosen rhymes for the week. Throughout the week members of staff from across the school came to share their favourite rhymes with the Nursery girls.

Monday’s chosen rhyme was Incy Wincy. The girls had to use their fine motor skills to catch all the spiders/insects from the web using tweezers. They practised drawing and cutting horizontal lines to get Incy back home to his web. In the afternoon Mrs Hartley came to Nursery dressed as a star and led us in Twinkle Twinkle. The girls created a night sky collage.

Sleeping Bunnies was featured on Tuesday. They practised the song and acted it out. The girls also practised their pencil control on bunny shapes.

Wednesday was Wind the Bobbin Up. One of the featured activities was for the girls to use their fine motor skills to wind wool around bobbins and then unwind again.

Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes was the active rhyme for Thursday. They all joined in with the action song.  Each time they sang it they stopped saying body parts one by and just hummed. This was really tricky but the girls were equal to the challenge. They also looked at body parts on Mr Potato Head and the stickle brick faces and played a matching pairs body parts game on the interactive screen.

At the end of the week the theme was Down in the Jungle. The girls did some role playing of washing, hanging clothes on the line and ironing. They will also be taking the washing down to the laundry room during the day and putting the washers on.

Nursery rhymes are important in the girls’ development of early reading skills and we hope that all of our Nursery families enjoyed practising the rhymes at home.

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