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26 June 2020

This week we have celebrated the fact that all of our year groups have now been welcomed back to school.  With staggered lunch and arrival and departure times we have managed to accommodate everyone in each day.  It is rather like military manoeuvres but it has been working well.

This has been a week of special days which we have marked during Assemblies and Good Morning messages.  Some of them have been better known than others.  We began the week with several unusual celebrations of World Giraffe Day and National Chocolate Eclair Day!  We also focused on World Music Day as music is so important to many people.  We talked about the benefits of music for helping people to relax and the many types of music special to different cultures.

Year 1 celebrated this day further by listening to a performance of a song written especially for them.  They are learning about famous bears at the moment and one of our sixth formers wrote a song on the subject.  They really enjoyed the open-air performance on our terrace.

Tuesday was International Women in Engineering Day.  Many of the girls at EHS are interested in STEM subjects so this made an excellent theme for assembly.  We noted that more women are needed in the world of engineering and we are sure that some of our girls will consider careers in this field in the future.

Girls in Westbourne were encouraged to listen to stories and to write some of their own on Wednesday which was World Writing Day.  This gave another career for the girls to consider but we know that they are too young to make these decisions just yet.  We are, however, sharing the message that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

In Reception this week they have also continued their study of Animals, Great and Small.  They looked at the ‘echidna’ from Australia and completed some very careful drawings. Girls also thought hard to create some of their own very different and unusual new species of animals! 
Miss Robinson launched the EHS Scrapbook Challenge for all girls from Years 1 – 6 this week on Seesaw.  This gives a choice of options for the girls to undertake some independent challenges and to create a scrapbook.  This is to be returned to school in September, giving the children the option to continue with activities during the holiday.

As we have been unable to welcome prospective parents into school this term we joined Senior School on Thursday and held our first Virtual Open Evening.  It was not possible to show them round the building but we were able to talk about the facilities and the wide range of opportunities available at EHS.  Sofia, our Head Girl, joined the panel and was a great Ambassador for the school.  We hope we will be able to welcome visitors once again very soon.

The week has finished with a new routine having been well established.  School has certainly seemed more like the place we know with the sound of happy children in the air.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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