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The Science Colour Project

26 June 2020

In the two weeks following half term, the Year 9 students worked on colour projects in their science lessons. The girls were tasked with creating a project about colour on one of five different topics. The topics were: 
•         Project 1: Seeing colour
•         Project 2: Colour in nature
•         Project 3: Making colour
•         Project 4: The colour purple
•         Project 5: Crime and psychology 

Students were put into groups and they had a whole week of science lessons to work together within their group in teams channels. They had to produce a PowerPoint and a script to go with their chosen topic. Students were given a few hints, but they mainly researched independently. In their fourth lesson, students had the opportunity to present - this was done on teams and each group was able to display their own PowerPoint and take it in turns to talk to the whole class. Groups then went away and scored the presentation they had just watched. Students were judged on their presentation, scientific content, originality, and interest. 

The presentations covered a wide range of science from animals that use camouflage to the world’s pinkest pink, from using colour to solve crimes to why some people are colour blind and from why it has been illegal to wear purple to how some animals can see in a different way to people. What the students achieved was fantastic and the sowed they were very capable of presenting online, with some groups even including a quiz!
In the end, the winners were announced.
From 9C the winners were Group 4:
Aava Avari, Anna Butler, Ecaterina Dima, EJay Surgeoner and Maia Kanagaratnam.
From 9S the winners were Group 5:
Renee Henry, Zara Hiscock, Alayna Malik, and Jorja Newling.
From 9W the winners were Group 4:
Isabel Curry, Liza Malik, Dhruti Modhvadia, Karishma Mangal and Hannah Shutt

Well done girls!

Miss Baker

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