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15 May 2020

When we are in school girls are given reflection time each week and last week was no exception for Year 6 pupils whilst at home. They were asked, as one of their activities, to consider their goals for the future and to represent them in a diagram. We are sure they will achieve these.

Girls in Prep were also given some optional activities to mark VE Day over the long Bank Holiday weekend. Many of them were undertaken and we really enjoyed sharing in them. You can read more in the additional article.

This week began with assemblies to mark two other special events in the calendar, both celebrated on May 12. The first event noted was National Limerick Day.  The girls were given some historical facts and examples of traditional rhymes were shared. Two specially composed limericks on an EHS theme were read out too.  Girls were then challenged to write their own versions.  I was delighted to hear that Eliza had a video call with her grandparents who had been inspired to write some limericks of their own too.  Well done to Eliza M, Hana and Emiley in Year 1, Amelia in Year 3 and Ellie in Year 5 who all composed limericks, many on a school theme. They each received a Headteacher’s certificate for their efforts.  

The second event that we celebrated was International Nurses’ Day.  This takes place each year on May 12, the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale.  This year marked 200 years since the pioneer of nursing was born in 1820.  Girls were encouraged to ‘shine a light’ through their window at 8.30pm in celebration of the work of nurses.

During this time of remote learning the pupils are given activities in the core subjects to complete and are also given some independent learning opportunities which we hope they are enjoying.  We were delighted to hear that Amelia in Year 1, Hajrah in Year 5 and Neha in Year 6 all entered the photograph competition being run mainly in Senior School.  Their pictures of ‘Wildlife through the Window’ were excellent.  Well done to them all and to Neha for being commended.

We ask that girls do keep us informed of their activities as they are really challenging themselves and we enjoy sharing their endeavours.  Keep up the good work girls!

Mrs Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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