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'Wildlife through the Window' winners

15 May 2020

At the start of the month Mrs Crimp, Deputy Head Curriculum, launched the Wildlife through the Window competition. The challenge was to photograph an image from the natural world - plants, trees, landscape, animals, birds, insects - from the garden window or whilst out taking daily exercise. 

It seems the competition really captured the imagination, attracting almost 100 stunning entries from pupils across the school who took the opportunity to stop, observe and enjoy nature. We are delighted to announce the final results as follows:

1st: Harriet Stanaway, Year 12
2nd: Mia Woodfield, Year 9
3rd: Saba Mansouri, Year 9

Prep Winner: Neha Williams, Year 6
Staff Winner: Ms Heeley

Runners up: Megan Hardiman, Year 11; Emmie McLaughlan, Year 9 and Ekjyot Kaur, Year 8

Congratulations and well done to all participants!

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