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08 May 2020

The interactive class meetings and additional opportunities for teachers to talk directly to their pupils have gone well this week and have been enjoyed by all.  We have found out all about the Year 6 French Week last week, the girls’ additional activities and we have played some group games.  We hope families have also found the introduction of the Daily Diary helpful in planning activities for each day.

This has been another week featuring special days. We began the week marking International Firefighters’ Day. We noted that, like the NHS staff, firefighters are there to help to keep us safe and that good teamwork is essential.  Monday was also Intergalactic Star Wars Day which followed on well from Space Day last week.  The independent task set by Year 3 about planets fitted well with this day as did the rocket making activity in After School Care.  

Girls have also been decorating VE Day celebration bunting which will be used to decorate our Prep Hall virtually!  We will report next week on any celebrations that individual families have held at home on Bank Holiday Friday.

Mrs Aston has been really pleased by the responses to the Independent Challenge Board task based on the Monopoly game.  We have seen whole new games created including an EHS version of the famous game.  Some girls have researched the history aspect whilst others have created new pieces.  Keep working on your projects girls and developing new skills.

I have enjoyed saying, “Good Morning Westbourne Girls” this week from different locations around the building. Kindergarten girls have been working with the letter Z whilst enjoying the story of Zog.  In Reception, in addition to Mathematics and English lessons the girls have been continuing with this term’s topic on Creatures, Great and Small. They have been planning a holiday and designing a passport for their pets ready for when travel is allowed again.

It is clear that girls in the Prep Department have been working hard too as they are receiving stickers which are recorded in their Sticker Book and Share Certificates. Keep it up girls!  In addition to the core subject work being completed it has been pleasing to see the girls’ creative work too.  I have particularly enjoyed seeing the Year 4 fashion designs made from simple materials and the Op art created by Year 6.

Girls in Year 5 should have been visiting Cranedale this week and we are extremely sorry that they have missed the opportunity. Their activities this week have reflected some of the topics they would have covered whilst away in Yorkshire. They have built animal dens out of garden materials, researched puffins and rock pool creatures and studied some rock erosion.

We hope that families enjoy a sunny Bank Holiday Friday and look forward to seeing everyone back next week, ‘Working Together Whilst Apart.’

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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