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A special challenge to mark VE Day

08 May 2020

Even though we’re not in school right now, nothing could stop us celebrating ‘VE Day 75’ at EHS. With that in mind, the History Department have organised the VE Day 75 Challenge. This challenge is open to all pupils in all year groups. 

What is the VE Day 75 Challenge?
Originally, we had grand ideas about celebrating VE Day by Lindy Hopping our way down to the field and having our very own 1940s style picnic. Whilst sadly we can’t do that anymore, we thought that we would organise a challenge that lets you play to your strengths whilst hopefully having a lot of fun in the process. With that in mind, girls who wish to participate are encouraged to research any aspect of VE Day that interests them, and produce any kind of end product they wish which shows off their new found VE Day related knowledge! See page eight of the document below for instructions on entering. Here is a taster of just some of the inspiration on offer:

Food and Nutrition
Try your hand at some VE-Day cooking, with the following example recipes. This website is very good:

Research / ask your family about their experiences of the Second World War and VE Day.

STEM subjects
Research and put together a project on an invention from the Second World War. This can take any form you want, but remember to include: what life was like before this invention? How was it invented? How did it work? What were its effects? How has it changed between the Second World War and the present day?

Love maps? Miss Massey does too! How about taking a look at the map of Europe pre- and post- WW2? How has it changed? Why did it change? What were the consequences of such changes?

Click here for more subject-related inspiration: VE Day Challenge

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