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Music Ensembles at EHS

08 May 2020

This term would have been an opportunity for all of our music ensembles from both Prep and Senior School to take part together in our EHS Spring Ensembles Concert. As it has not been possible to go ahead, we thought we would share with you a recording of a Prep Guitar Ensemble rehearsal, expertly led by our visiting guitar specialist Miss Larner. This recording of Chelski, composed by G Dunn, was made in their final rehearsal before school closed.

Whilst away from school, Prep girls have been engaging with Charanga Music World activities and Senior School have been practising music for different ensembles as part of our ongoing and wide ranging co-curricular programme. We would also like to thank our visiting music teachers for their tireless efforts to provide online lessons for girls during our time away from EHS.

When girls can finally return, the Music School will continue to provide a plethora of opportunities in a lively, vibrant and inspiring environment, supported by a wealth of talented, experienced musicians and visiting teachers. Below are the music ensembles on offer at EHS, which we actively encourage all girls to attend.

•    Chamber Choir (Senior School - by audition)
•    Prep Guitar Ensemble
•    Prep Orchestra
•    Prep String Group
•    Senior Choir
•    Senior Flute Group
•    Senior Guitar Ensemble
•    Senior Orchestra
•    Senior Recorder Ensemble
•    Senior String Ensemble
•    Years 1 and 2 Choir
•    Years 3 and 4 Choir
•    Years 5 and 6 Choir

We look forward to hearing the progress our girls have made from their efforts at home making music, entertaining their families with their vocal and instrumental talents. Click the image below to listen:

Mr N Southall
Deputy Director of Music

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