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Verulamium visit for Year 8

09 June 2017

On Wednesday 7th June, a group of Year 8 pupils visited the Roman town of Verulamium. The girls take up the story...

We had a great day in St Albans, the Roman town of Verulamium. The day started with an early lunch on the beautiful green fields of St Albans outside the museum. We enjoyed being out of the city and having a run around together.

Lunch was followed by a tour of the museum. We saw lots of interesting things on Roman daily life, from jewellery to coins. We watched a short, informative video and then we were let loose to enjoy the Roman artefacts found in Britain. The groups then walked to the ruins of a theatre and enjoyed the original mosaic in the bathhouse. We were amazed that the ruins were still standing today!

To end the day, we had a fun handling session where we got to touch real items from the past and had to guess what we were holding.

Overall it was an amazing day and a great experience. Thank you to the teachers who took us all the way to St Albans - it was worth it!

Year 8

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