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Pupils recognised for charitable contributions

07 June 2019

At Prep’s Monday celebration assembly, Dr Suleiman from the Clifton Road food bank came to thank the Prep students for raising money to aid their special cause. Dr Suleiman talked about a variety of different things that the food bank does including how it was started two years ago. A plaque was then gifted to the Year 6 Charity Reps in recognition of their donation.

Being part of the food bank myself I appreciated how lucky I am to be involved in helping this charity and people less fortunate than myself. During school holidays I go to help at the food bank on a Wednesday morning. I also help my mum to shop for the food bank every Monday with the donations we receive. Whilst I am at the food bank I enjoy stacking the shelves before the guests arrive and also distributing the care packages to those who come.

Maryam has also helped at the food bank. She has tried to save some money too so that she can donate it and help to buy more food.

I hope we are able to help the Food Bank and other local charities in the future. Well done Prep girls!

Mrs Mohamed

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