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11 December 2020

In this last week of term we have launched a number of festive recordings to parents which we are sure they will have enjoyed.  Class 6G presented an assembly based on the theme of Christmas trees including Art, ICT and English activities.  They worked independently to film, edit and create their own green screen videos.  This allowed them to travel around the world, and back, within a lesson.

Year 4, despite not being able to visit Selly Manor, extended their knowledge of Tudors by studying how they spent Christmas.  Their learning was presented as a mini production of spending a day with the Lord and Lady of a manor.  It was clear in the video how much they have learnt about past festivities.

Westbourne filmed their Nursery Rhyme Nativity in the outdoors.  Fortunately they chose a beautiful crisp day for the filming.  They sang and acted extremely well and you can read more in the separate article. 

One event we have all missed is our annual Carol Service at St. George‚Äôs Church.  The girls were still keen to share some festive cheer with parents so a Seasonal Selection of handbell and guitar music and poems was recorded for families to enjoy.

Everyone in the Prep School has eaten a delicious Christmas lunch, enjoyed a party, shared an on-line pantomime during the week and completed some Christmas themed crafts.  Year 1 also held an exciting Gingerbread Day.  Last year this was shared with boys from West House School but this was not possible this year.  The girls, made themed headbands ready for some group drama and they made some gingerbread.  The delicious smell permeated the Prep School all afternoon.

We ended the busy and festive week with our Celebration Assembly.  This included presentation of some further Independent Work certificates for work on trees, following National Tree Week.  Emily Hadley in Year 3 also shared her Green Blue Peter badge awarded for what she does to help the environment and wildlife and for submitting a picture of the Amazon Rainforest, which Blue Peter thought was fantastic.

Certificates of Achievement were also presented to selected girls in all classes for their work and personal endeavours and for Science.  Courtesy Counts prizes were drawn for the last term and the winner of the Best Decorated Door was announced.  Well done to all!

After a really busy and challenging term, which the girls have coped extremely well with we are all ready for the holiday ahead.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back to school on Tuesday 5 January.

Mrs Sally Hartley

Head of Preparatory School

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