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11 December 2020

Girls in Nursery have enjoyed their festive week.

This began on ‘Mistletoe Monday’.  The girls really enjoyed being creative and decorating their Christmas bags with holly and mistletoe shapes.  These were then embellished with finger-painted berries.  Monday also included a delicious Christmas lunch.

Tinsel Tuesday saw the girls arrive at school with tinsel decorations in their hair, on shoes and bags.  It certainly was a sparkly day during which girls also practised their emergent writing with letters to Santa.

Woolly Wednesday saw lovely Christmas jumpers in abundance.  These were perfect to keep the girls warm for the visit to Santa and the Christmas Activity Fair.  In the classroom, they designed some festive sweaters of their own.

For Throw a party Thursday the girls made party hats and paper chains and Christmas decorations.  They also enjoyed an afternoon of games with Kindergarten.

The girls’ first term at EHS ended with Festive Film Friday and after such a busy week the girls are looking forward to the holidays ahead.

Happy holidays to everyone.

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