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A Year 4 Tudor Christmas

11 December 2020

Year 4 girls have been studying many aspects of life in Tudor times in their History lessons.  This term their studies have been extended beyond the classroom with a number of craft and drama activities.  These all culminated in a performance which has been filmed for parents to share.

We were welcomed to the local Selly Manor to share Christmas celebrations with the Lord and Lady of the Manor.  The servants helped to decorate the manor with holly, mistletoe and ivy and they set the table for a feast whilst sharing facts about the traditions.  The main course of … sounded delicious although the girls were not keen on the inclusion of sprouts on the menu!

We moved to the long gallery for the evening’s entertainment which included some traditional Tudor carols and a performance from a group of mummers who dropped in to tell the story of St George.

The girls all gave very assured performances and gave us a true flavour of a Christmas from the past.

Congratulations to Year 4.

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