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Medical Mavericks

10 June 2016

Year 6 girls were treated to a Science workshop where they gained hands-on experience with real working medical equipment.

A team of 3 Medical Scientists from Medical Mavericks gave the girls expert tuition in the use of a variety of diagnostic equipment such as ultrasound machines, peak flow meter and blood pressure cuffs as well as medical training tools such as Eddy the Head (intubation) and a key- hole surgery simulator.

The girls were given time to explore and test the equipment at their own pace.  A clear favourite amongst the classes were the pathology goggles. These simulated what it would be like to have a diagnosed eye problem such as tunnel vision, hazy vision or double vision. Although it was fun to try to high-five someone whilst wearing the double vision goggles, the girls all learned to appreciate the difficulties of those with diagnosed eye conditions. They all had a look at the inside of their own eyes using an iPhone retina scanner. Seeing where their own optic nerve attached to their eye was fascinating after learning about it in their previous science lesson.

Many girls were excited to use the ultrasound wand on their own bodies. It was a relief for many to see growth plates still present in their wrists which indicate they have not grown to their full height yet. The most impressive ultrasound images were of the girls’ beating hearts. They also had the opportunity to observe blood flow through their aorta. Each girl gained more understanding of their own circulatory system through the use of stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs and heart rate monitors. It was interesting to see the effect of such an exciting workshop on their blood pressure – many girls reported it as ‘sky high’! Each girl also took home an ECG printout which shows the electrical signal of their heart.

In short, the workshop was a resounding success and very inspiring. I think it is safe to say we have a future generation of budding vascular scientists, medical engineers and cardiac physiologists in Year 6.

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