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Latin lines

29 November 2019

In the Preparatory School our children have many opportunities to extend their language skills. Girls learn French and Spanish in lessons and have the option to join a number of clubs including Junior Language Club and Mandarin.

In Year 5, the girls also have a weekly Latin lesson on their timetable. On Tuesday, Miss Wood and Miss Roberts, our teachers from Senior School, had prepared an assembly for the girls in Years 3 - 6 to enjoy. Year 5 presented the well-known tale of Little Red Riding Hood, all in Latin. They had learnt their lines well and worked together to tell the story before introducing a number of key phrases were to the audience:

Palla Rubra.
Little Red Riding Hood!
cave lupum maximum!
Beware of the very big wolf.
sic dentes maximos habes!
What big teeth you have!


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