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To infinity....

29 November 2019

On Monday we were excited to host a visit of the StarDome, an inflatable planetarium. During the day the StarDome was visited by girls from Year 5 and Reception.

After reinforcing learning from their Science lessons and a tour of the International Space Station, Year 5 girls enjoyed a futuristic journey through the solar system. They heard how humans may interact with or even live on different natural satellites, asteroids and planets in our solar system and beyond. 

The girls also held a small fragment of the school-sized meteorite which crashed into the Arizona desert about 50,000 years ago and is older than anything on Earth, even the rocks beneath our feet. It was clear by the buzz of excitement as the girls left the Dome that they had really gained much from this opportunity.

Members of staff were also given the chance to enjoy a relaxation session at lunch time in the dome, watching 360 degrees of relaxing fractal patterns. 

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