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Annual House Quiz goes virtual

03 April 2020

Traditionally the end of the Spring Term is marked by the annual EHS House Quiz, with teams of girls from across the school taking on a wide range of questions compiled by the staff.
This year, for the first time, we hosted a virtual House Quiz. The rounds featured questions on famous paintings, headlines of the 2010s, science related songs, English literature, prime numbers, the history of the Olympic Games and the Classics in Harry Potter. There was also a little mixed bag of general knowledge at the end.
We were impressed that a massive 379 participants submitted responses during the one hour time slot on Wednesday morning and individual results were added together to find the House with the most points overall.
St. David took the top - 20 House Point - prize for achieving a collective score of 1,107 with St. Andrew in second place on 948 points. A special prize was awarded to St. Patrick who achieved the highest average score of 73%. These achievements will be added to the overall House Point totals at the end of the year.
In addition, 26 entrants scored full marks. A huge well done to them!
Thank you to everyone who took part and all those who helped to organise the quiz. It was a fantastic way to finish a very unusual term.

Mr Sabotig (Quiz Master)

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