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Senior School Excellence Book - Spring Term 2020

03 April 2020

The following Senior and Sixth Form girls have been commended for their excellent work during the Spring Term:





Saba Mansouri (9A)

For excellence in Art History on post impressionism.


Anya Ahuja (8S)

Hafsa Butt (8S)

Ruby Gayle (8S)

Iyda Gilani (8S)

Hannah Rashid (8S)


Producing excellent newspaper articles on the eruption of Vesuvius.


Saba Mansouri (9A)

For an outstanding poem entitled ‘Isn’t it extraordinary’

Jaikirit Bindra (8C)
Flora Gregory (8C)

For writing excellent stories from the perspective of Bill

Kate Stockton (7J)

For excellent letter from Lady Macbeth using fantastic archaic vocabulary.

Martha Abbott (7C)

Millie Hardiman (7C)

Charlotte Vaughan (7M)


Excellent letter from Lady Macbeth showing her manipulative personality.

Aceese Bains (8C)

Jaikirit Bindra (8C)

Madeleine Bowler (8C)


For excellent analysis and commentary on the poem Island Man.


Daisy Batkin (9M)
Esha Binning (9M)

Wajiha Ghazi (9L)

Lauren Hurley (9M)

Tea Ilic (9M)

Ameena Muhammad (9M)

Anula Oates (9M)

Elin Payne (9L)

Arriella Randall (9M)

Alice Rooney (9L)

Harkirat Kaur Saggu (9M)

Simran Sahota (9L)

Simran Sangha (9L)

Tara Uppa (9M)

Lucy Vaughan (9M)


For a fantastic video news report on women during WW1.  The information was presented in an informative, interesting and fun manner.




Iyda Gilani (8S)

For an excellent German homework writing about herself and her family.



Iyda Gilani (8S)

For a fantastic piece of written work on a famous person.

Siena Henry

For consistent effort and excellence in Spanish homeworks



Harkirat Kaur Saggu (9M)

For excellent work on coloured lights




Kiren Aulakh (9L)

Esha Binning (9M)

Aarya Dhami (9L)

Wajiha Ghazi (9L)

Lauren Hurley (9M)


For a thought provoking and informative Teen Vogue article on the environmental issues linked to production of cotton.

Maisie Johnson-Gregory (7M)

For creating beautiful pyjama bottoms and bag, finished to a very high standard.

Tulasi Parmar (SFJF)

For a stunning cruelty-free handbag created for her A level Textiles project.

Lucy Abbott (9A)

Lexi Byrne (9A)

Simran Dosanjh (9G)

Abby Hurley (9A)

Lauren Hurley (9M)


For an excellent moodboard in Textiles.  Colourful, thought-provoking and vibrant moodboards.

Daisy Bevan (9G)

Jemima Jackson (9G)

For excellent moodboards in Textiles on environmental issues.





Lucy Abbott (9A)

Keeranjit Kalirai (9A)

Natasha Mkosana (9G)


For excellent projects on working in the NHS in different areas eg Psychology, Estates Management, Nutrition.

Lydia Diwaker (SFP)

For an outstanding presentation on the heart to the Senior school staff.

Nikita Bansandrai (10M)

Evie Casey (10R)

Diya Hanji (10S)

Indira Jagpal (10M)

Abida Mohamed (10S)

Jahnvi Patel (10N)


For giving up their time selflessly to help the toy link project at the Birmingham City Mission

Fareedat Kenyon

For an outstanding write-up of an interview with the inspirational Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon

Gursharan Bhamra (10M)

Excellent reading of a poem in Assembly


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