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24 April 2020

Welcome back to school. I think most of us have appreciated getting back into some kind of routine which, after human contact, is probably one of the main things that we miss due to lockdown. We have kicked the term off in all areas of the school by trialling new things with our teaching and the girls have responded, as ever, with enthusiasm, maturity and by displaying the spirit of EHS. They are getting on with their learning and enjoying it along the way. There have been some glitches with IT, but that is to be expected with the whole country trying to connect and work from home. But, we persevere and the girls themselves are a great help to each other with overcoming any problems that they might have. Although our IT and Network team are also on hand to troubleshoot.

The co-curricular programmes will be up and running in the Senior School soon and a quick scan down the list of what will be on offer is intriguing; ‘Batchelor’s break time bursts’, ‘pet patrol’ and ‘codebreaking’ to name but a few. There is also the EHS challenge badge award, that girls in Years 7-9 especially, can be continuing with. The Prep School are also gearing up to offer their normal array of independent learning challenges in the coming weeks. I try to pop down to Prep most days to say hello to our keyworker children and the staff who are in making sure that they are safe, and their waves and jolly hellos are a real tonic in the middle of the day.

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of playing a board game created by two of our senior girls; it is called ‘Journey to the hospital; the coronavirus edition’. The aim of the game is to get to the end by observing social distancing measures and infecting as few as people as possible, and I was winning all the way until the last few throws of the dice! School is quiet, and we all miss the bustle of the normal day but we take the little moments that happen in every day and we cherish them. Teaching my first Teams lesson yesterday and hearing the voices of my Year 7 class in our lesson as they answered my questions lifted my spirits immensely. It is not the Summer Term I had planned, but as a parent wrote to me recently, “you should try to make the very best of what you have and at EHS you certainly do”. The support from the parent body has been fantastic and I thank you for your words and actions in showing that support.

Mrs Clare Macro


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