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A French experience with a difference

01 May 2020

Our Year 6 pupils were due to spend a week in France this week but due to the current situation with coronavirus were unable to go. So, we decided to bring France to them in a week of exciting online activities designed to develop their knowledge of French language, history and culture.  

Girls were tasked with building an Eiffel Tower out of whatever materials they had at home and the results were fascinating. Pupils designed posters to advertise a French club at school, made traditional French mayonnaise, played UNO (in French), took a virtual tour of the Louvre, researched the route of the Tour de France and much more. 

Staff and pupils alike have laughed along to videos of girls singing French songs and marvelled at the culinary skills displayed in the production of homemade croissants, crepes and pain au chocolat. 

The week has culminated in an opportunity for the girls to write letters of reply to their French pen-pals in Rue, the village where we were supposed to visit this week. It is such a shame that we cannot share the French trip with Year 6 this year but we hope our Seesaw French Week has come some way to making up for that. 

Mrs Pavlovic
Year 6 Coordinator

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