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24 April 2020

We welcomed pupils and staff back to the start of the Summer Term even if we are not, as yet, back together in the school building. We have enjoyed hearing about girls’ holiday activities and seeing examples of projects undertaken.

In our first assembly of the term we noted that during this difficult time of social distancing people are finding more time to notice their surroundings. There are many reports of people being more aware of the birds singing and the signs of spring. This was an appropriate time to talk about the beauty of nature as our first day of term coincided with Earth Day.

Details of the origin of this day and the need for a global awareness of environmental issues were shared with the girls in Westbourne and Prep. They were encouraged to think what steps they can take to help with Climate Action, the theme of this year’s campaign on the 50th anniversary of the event. The girls were set several challenges; to design a poster to raise awareness, to design a badge or make a video sharing their eco pledges using Flipgrid to focus on the theme of Earth Day.  

There were some interesting proposals and inventions from the pupils which they had thought carefully about. These included a robot to suck up rubbish and convert into eco-friendly ash and an Ocean Animal Scanner to help injured animals. We were pleased that the girls were able to share their endeavours.

We were also pleased to hear that our Science teacher is now an official UN Climate Change Certified Teacher! She started the course in January and completed on Earth Day which was very apt. It is no surprise that our girls are very environmentally aware and always keen to play their part in protecting the planet with inspiration from their teacher. Congratulations!

Thursday’s assembly marked another notable date in the calendar, St George’s Day, April 23.  We know how much the girls enjoy extending their general knowledge and we hope our assemblies will continue to interest them.

As we continue with our remote learning we will include further opportunities for girls to extend their skills and ask parents to share their children’s work and experiences with us.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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