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Mrs Macro's Christmas Message

15 December 2021

It is hard to believe that the Autumn Term is over. It has been a return to normality, though not quite the normality that we once knew. The beginning of term was an energising return to form with the corridors full of girls and noisy chatter spilling out from every space. We have been delighted to show our newest pupils the EHS we know and love, and that they have able to experience it all in person rather than virtually: our morning assemblies re-instated, sports clubs and fixtures re-established, the school week once again characterised by an almost dizzying roster of lessons, events and clubs. 

In September, we also welcomed prospective parents and their daughters to school at our first ‘in person’ open event in many months, and it felt good to see them experience the famously warm and inclusive EHS atmosphere for themselves.

Of course, the term has not been without its trials. We know all too well that the spectre of Covid remains, threatening to throw routines off course and forcing the re-evaluation of carefully laid plans. 

And so I find myself at home, in self-isolation once again, as I was during this time last year. Despite being stuck inside I am grateful to have been able to stay involved with end of term events as they are live streamed from various corners of the school. Tuesday’s Senior School House Gala, always a much-anticipated event, did not disappoint and it cheered me up enormously to enjoy the dancing and see how much preparation had gone into the choreography, girls from across all year groups performing together in their Houses. 

I was fortunate enough to still be in school to watch many of the end of term activities. The youngest members of our community in Westbourne gave entertaining performances in their Big Little Nativity. It was wonderful to see them looking fabulous in their Christmassy outfits, singing so wholeheartedly and with excitement evident on their faces. Elsewhere in the Prep School, the Year 4 Tudor Christmas, Year 2 Nativity, decorating of classroom doors, and an end of term party all contributed to the mood and prepared everyone for the festivities ahead.

In the Senior School we have been grateful to be able to uphold traditional activities despite restrictions necessitating our social distance. Lessons have taken on a distinctly festive flavour and our Winter Wonderland of workshops, festive baking, Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas themed sports sessions have all been well received by the girls. 

At this time of giving, students have made generous contributions to charity: Prep pupils raised money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital with their Wish Tree and in Senior School girls supported Edward’s Trust and the Birmingham City Mission’s Christmas Toy Appeal. 

All pupils and staff enjoyed a Christmas lunch and we say a huge thank you to the Catering Team who work hard all year round, providing a delicious lunch to girls every day, without fail.

Though plans have been changed this term - and then changed again - teaching, learning and enjoyment have continued apace. Over the past months, our resourceful students (and staff) have been remarkably resilient, and it has been wonderful to see the girls encourage and support one another, whilst keeping an unwavering focus on their own goals. 

We cannot foresee what will happen in the coming months, but we can be certain that our community, steadfast and proud, will continue to cheerfully adapt to whatever comes our way and will continue to provide a network of support and reassurance to us all.

I thank you for your support this term. I send you my very best wishes for a wonderful Christmas break and look forward to welcoming your daughter back to school on Thursday 6 January.

Clare Macro

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