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Exploring the Ashmolean Museum

18 November 2022

Last week, Year 9 pupils travelled to the famous Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. 

Upon arrival, we were split into groups ready for the tasks in the morning ahead. For one of the tasks, Year 9 had a treasure hunt to complete. We were shown photos of certain artefacts, such as statues and pottery, and then had to locate them. We were given the gallery that these objects were located in to help us and once we had found them, we were challenged with questions such as "what is this statue representing?” or “where is it from?”.

In another task, girls had to find an example of an object relating to given topics on a list, for example sacrifice and the Greek gods. We took a picture and wrote a short description of each object. This was followed by a talk looking at everyday life in the Roman Empire and were given several artefacts to inspect, and figure out what they were and which one was a replica.

During the afternoon we enjoyed a walk and talk tour around the ancient city of Oxford courtesy of Miss Wood, taking in the sights, the different colleges situated in Oxford, such as Trinity College, and a number of libraries in the city. Year 9 then had a chance to visit some shops which were decorated and lit with festive Christmas lights and decorations. The most popular shop was Ben's Cookies where Year 9 took the opportunity to buy some delicious cookies and souvenirs. Afterwards, Year 9 walked back to the Museum where we got to visit the café and gift shop there, buying lots of treats and gifts to take back home.

We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would like to say thank you to everyone who helped make it possible.

Written By Iman Nazir and Esther Aliyu, 9L

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