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02 October 2015

Year 5 girls have written about their experience of visiting the Land Rover factory.

'Last Thursday, Year 5 went to the Jaguar Land Rover factory in Solihull. When we got there we split into groups. Half of us went on a tour around the factory to see how Jaguars and Land Rovers are made, whilst the other half did a race to see who could make 12 cars the quickest.

We then did some computer coding. It was an amazing experience for everyone. I found the coding fun because we each had a computer, a car and a list of things to complete. You had to try and programme the car to do everything on the list. The tour was also fun because we were taken on a mini bus to different parts of the factory and saw the robots doing their job.' Lucia Holland 5E

'My favourite part of Land Rover was learning about all the different processes a car goes through before it is sent off to their owner. We couldn't go in the paint shop but I learnt that you have to pay an extra £10,000 to have your car painted in your chosen colour. The Land Rover trip was fun and we learned a lot!'  Emilia Smith 5D

'Land Rover was an amazing experience. At the beginning of the trip we did a teamwork activity of making cars. In the afternoon we looked around the factory and saw how the cars were made. I would definitely get a Land Rover car when I am older.'  Jaipreet Dhanjal 5F



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