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Celebrating Our Diverse Linguistic Landscape

Preparatory | Senior School | Sixth Form

29 September 2023

Tuesday was 'European Day of Languages' and we always like to extend the focus beyond European languages to embrace the range of world languages spoken by both students and staff. It was an opportunity for the entire school community to come together in the Octagon for a special assembly to celebrate the diverse linguistic landscape at EHS. A count revealed that almost 50 languages are spoken among the pupils and staff!

To begin the assembly, each year group in Prep greeted the audience in a different language, using phrases they had practised in their language lessons. Next was a lively rendition of the classic French song "Alouette," complete with enthusiastic sign language and hand gestures.

The event also featured a video presentation which shone a spotlight on languages in school. Pupils and staff members from Westbourne, Prep, the Senior School and Sixth Form featured, conversing in their respective languages before translating into explaining in English what they had been talking about. 

The assembly culminated in performances by Year 3 students Sanvi, Ameerah, and Ammarah, who dazzled the audience with their dance routines. Another memorable moment was a Bengali song performed by a pupil.

The assembly was an opportunity to reinforce the school’s commitment to fostering linguistic skills and embracing cultural diversity and was enjoyed by all!

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