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Biologists Brave the Elements

Sixth Form

29 September 2023

Last week, Year 13 Biology students embarked on a field trip to complete their Ecology required practical at Bishops Wood Field study centre. The weather was not kind to us and rained all morning!

The students completed a transect to find out the distribution of a species of plant called Knapweed based on changing light conditions. They designed the method, completed a risk assessment and completed statistical analysis in order to fulfil their practical requirements.

In the afternoon, the students looked at the species found in pond environments. They compared the difference in species diversity between a forest pond and a pond in an open field. In these ponds, the students were very excited to find Great Crested Newt tadpoles which are on the endangered species list and are protected. It is very rare to find these creatures so well done, Biologists.

Despite the rain we had a very memorable day and enjoyed our time sampling different areas. Well done, everyone!

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