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24 November 2023

Last week, Year 1 visited Tamworth Castle as part of the History Curriculum and learning about homes in the past. 

On arrival at the castle, the girls entered through the huge wooden doors and went straight to The Great Hall to meet Lady Ferris. Here they took part in their first workshop of the day.  The girls learnt how to curtsy when greeting Lady Ferris and also how to lay the lady’s table. Lady Ferris also showed them the clothes the children of the time would have dressed in. She was rather confused why girls had come to visit her in breeches and not their usual gowns!

The second workshop showed the girls how to dress a knight for battle and were also shown some of the armoury that the knights would have used. At the age of 6 boys would begin their training to become knights. They also had a play battle which the girls thoroughly enjoyed!

Lunch time was obviously a hit and the girls enjoyed chatting to their friends in the Great Hall while eating their packed lunches.

The girls were also taken on a tour of the castle where they had to look out for certain features such as the battlements, the wall walk, the arrow slits and the moat. Tamworth didn’t have a moat, however the river formed a natural form of defence for it. The girls were able to see the river clearly from the top of the tower.  It looked a long way down! It was very windy at the top of the tower and the flag was flying showing Lady Ferris was at home. There were many steep steps to climb but all the girls enjoyed the challenge.

The day ended with a chance to play on the superb playground, with its own fort. Everyone really enjoyed this end to the day before heading back to the coach for the return to school.

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