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Identifying Famous Linguists


24 November 2023

The Prep girls in Years 1 – 6 were invited to enter a competition where they were tasked with researching any famous person who was multilingual. 

They presented the languages spoken, the reason why they were spoken and other fun facts about their chosen celebrity in a stunning and informative poster for display in the Languages Room. 

Celebrities ranged from Natalie Portman and Malala Yousafzai (herself a former pupil of EHS) to Shakira and Andrea Bocelli.

The winners of the competition were:
Aminah (Year 1) 
Serina (Year 2)
Eliza (Year 3)
Amaani (Year 4) 
Clara L (Year 5) 
Katerina (Year 6) 

Well done to everyone for their entries. The competition was a pleasure to judge.

Madame Hennous

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