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Year 3 Try Their Hand at Dentistry


24 November 2023

In an exciting and educational event this week, Year 3 pupils welcomed Dr Jaz, a local dentist, and two nurses from Mango Tree Dental in Moseley. The visit aimed to enhance the girls’ understanding of the dental health topics they have been exploring in their Science curriculum this term.

They all exhibited a keen interest in the subject, actively engaging with Dr Jaz and the nurses who fielded a barrage of thoughtful questions. The pupils then participated in role-playing activities, where they took on the role of dentists, donning masks and gloves for a hands-on experience.

The girls completed a crossword puzzle centred around dental health, reinforcing their grasp of the material and they were delighted to receive a goodie bag from Mango Tree Dental, filled with items to encourage proper dental care at home.

‘I enjoyed checking my friend’s teeth with the mirror as it felt like I was a dentist.  I also wore a mask and gloves.’  (Haya)
‘I liked the goodie bag particularly the toothbrush timer to know how long to clean my teeth for.’ (Anna)
‘I liked identifying and matching the different types of teeth on the worksheet and the toothbrush which was in the bag.’ (Tilly).

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